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Optimize your apps for search engines with our app store optimization services in India. At Digital Prodigy, we understand that the higher your app ranks on searches, the more the visibility of your app. What you need is relevant traffic to your app to get more conversions, and that can only happen when you have optimized your apps as per the ASO search engine guidelines set by the app store that you are using. As an ASO company with years of experience in optimizing apps on Android, iOS and Appsource, we are always eager to learn about the latest updates and improvements in SEO. 40% of apps are discovered by new users during searches. Even when your users types the name of a certain app, in case that app is of similar niche like yours, there is a chance that your app might also show up in the results. It is all about effective ASO tactics that is used during the work process.

There is huge similarity between Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization. If you are looking for an ASO company in India that understands the main ASO factors that boosts ranking and has all the tools and sources that is needed to make sure that you achieve the results you are looking for, you have reached the right place. Some ASO factors that most companies miss is that they don’t pay attention to ratings and reviews, when the app was last updated and also the total downloads. These factors are essential to help you rank on SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages). The use of keywords in the meta title and subtitle are equally important. We also create high quality backlinks for your app and make sure that the content that is created has all that is needed to make sure it is indexed and read by search engines. At Digital Prodigy, we are reliable and we guarantee results in every step of the way. Our clients say that we provide the best app store optimization services in India, and we proudly accept the complements.


1. What is Your App Store Optimization Work Process?
We begin with conducting an initial audit on your app and doing a thorough competitor analysis. The second step is keywords research. We discuss and finalize the best keywords for your app. The rest of the work begins after confirmation of the package that you would like to go with. Reports are shared with our clients every 15 days.
2. What are the Details that I Need to Share with You to Start the ASO Work?
You will need to share the following details with us for us to begin the work:
1. Required access of Google Play Console and APP Store Connect to update description, screenshots,video and images.
3. Do Apps with High Ratings and Better Reviews Rank Higher in Search Results?
Yes. No matter how well the ASO work is done, if your app continues to get bad reviews and ratings, searches might now show you among the other apps that have good ratings and reviews. It is essential that your make sure there are no bugs in your app and it is updated regularly. Other than that it is important that you respond to the bad reviews and fix the problems that are reported, so that our ASO efforts are fruitful.
4. What Kind of Apps Do You Handle?
We can handle native as well as hybrid apps. We can do ASO for apps that are on Microsoft Appsource, Google Play and App Store.

If you have any further questions or concerns, we are available round the clock to assist you. Let us know more about your requirements and we are sure you will be happy with our services. Contact us today!