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How to Grow Your Organic Traffic Fast

It is not easy to grow the organic traffic fast on your website if your website is brand new and if it is part of a startup. There are certain techniques that you can use to grow the organic traffic fast and we are going to discuss these techniques in this blog. You have probably heard enough about digital marketing and Internet marketing services in India, Digital Prodigy is one of such services company that offers PPC services , social media services, SEO, Internet marketing, and many other services that contribute to increasing the traffic on your website. Let’s talk about each of these services one by one so that you understand which services would be the perfect fit to increase the organic traffic on your website.

PPC Services:-As a reputable PPC services company in India, Digital Prodigy brings to you techniques that you can use to understand weather you need PPC for increasing the traffic to your website. PPC helps you get instant responses, leads and traffic as well. If you have a marketing budget and if you can buy for get this budget to into two different parts you must keep PC one of those parts and use your marketing budget to pay Google to run ads for your business. There are several benefits of PPC but there are also budget issues when it comes to running ads. When you are a brand new company it is vital that you run ads on Google to get instant traffic. We understand that this is not organic traffic however running ads does increase the visibility of your website and if you are also doing SEO and increase in traffic can help boost the ranking of your keywords.

That the traffic that comes from advertising is usually relevant traffic and this means that the bounce rate on your website would be lower than average because you will be getting relevant traffic from interested people. These people who visit your website other than them being more traffic they are also your leads so this shows the importance of running PPC ads you can get traffic as well as leads for the same amount spent. The other benefit of running PPC ads is that you will be able to run these ads only when you want to get more leads or sales on your website. You can pause these ads and restart these ads as per your requirement of meeting your target seals.

Social Media Marketing:-We are a social media agency in India as well.Other than helping you with PPC and SEO we provide several other Internet marketing services in India and to clients outside of India. Social media marketing is essential these days. Whether you are a B2B company or a B2C company, social media marketing is required because your audience is on social media. You can either run paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Quora or Pinterest or you can try to get organic traffic from social media channels. Just like in the case of PPC, paid advertising on social media also does help improve the organic traffic rate to your website. Companies that do not have the budget to run paid advertising opt for organic growth. However the best way to go about is to opt for paid advertising as well as organic growth at the same time. If the company has for example a budget rupees 30,000, the best way to invest it would be to invest 50% of it that is 15,000 on paid advertising and the rest on organic marketing.

When a business OPS for social media marketing and go about promoting the brand on social media channels without paying anything to the platform, that drives organic traffic to the website and also increases the visibility of the brand. The only problem with organic marketing is that your marketers would have to give more than 50% of their time in Group promotions, sending out connections, inviting people to like your Facebook page, inviting people to follow you on social media, and posting regularly on social media channels.

Other Internet Marketing Services in India

Other Internet marketing services that can help drive organic traffic to your website is blogging, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, PR publishing, etc. All of these Internet marketing services are provided to you by digital prodigy at very reasonable rates. The services mentioned above which are social media marketing and PPC as welcome at negligible rates for first time customers. Search engine optimization is the most popular way to generate organic traffic to your website. However, search engine optimization takes several months to bring you the traffic that you desire. We would not suggest to only do search engine optimization if you want traffic on your website really fast. What we would suggest is that you hire us as your PC marketing company in India and let us create a strategy for your brand, we would also be creating campaign and it’s showing that the strategies and campaigns are flexible to meet the requirements of trend and target.

At Digital Prodigy, we do a complete competitor analysis before we create any kind of strategy for your brand. The strategy that we create depends upon your target market and the goals that you plan to achieve. If you are a startup and you require consultation regarding to digital marketing there is no better company than digital prodigy we can assure you of quality customer service and support while you are in business with us. So wait no more and let’s hear more about your requirements we guarantee you solutions to any kind of digital marketing problem.